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We make it easy for "First Timers" renting Trailers
... with "checklists" that you can use ... plus your Orientation Session
For your safety, convenience and peace of mind, M&E RV Rentals has prepared a number of "Checklists" and "Instruction Sheets", that we will provide, before you pick-up the trailer and also during the "orientation session" on pick-up day.

These will make it easy for you to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of trailer renting, in advance.  They will also provide a future "reference" to the orientation instructions and descriptions given on pick-up day.

They include:
"Before I Drive Away Checklist" (helps you to remember some things to check before you leave your overnight spot)
"Customs and Border Tips" (provides you with some rules, regulations and tips for crossing the US/Canada border)
"Checklist before you drop-off the trailer (to help you on your return, this gives you the locations of a number of local businesses, on your route, where you can have the unit's propane tanks filled.  It also tells you where you can go, to dump the waste water tanks)
"Walk Around Circle Check" ( gives you the exterior items that we will look at before you leave and when you return)
"Interior Checklist"  (gives you the interior items that we will look at before you leave and when you return).

Note: You will also have, "on board", a binder with instruction manuals, containing all of the information that you  will require, to operate any of the appliances and equipment that are part of the unit.

We want to make it "easy" for first timers.
You can call us @ 343-363-7078