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M&E RV Rentals
Quote Form and Reservation Request

To request a quote, fill in this top section, then call us just before you fax the page to 613 387 2164 or scan it back to us at:

Customer Information:  * = Required
*Name: _____________________    *Email address: ________________
Address: _________________   City: ________   Postal Code: _______  *Home Phone: __________     Business Phone: _________

General Rental Information:
*Departure Date: ______ *Return Date: ______ *Destination: _________  *# of Adults __     *# of Children under 12: __     
*Pet Approval Required?  Y/N __

For a Reservation:  * = Required
Note: To have your reservation guaranteed we require a minimum Reservation Deposit of 30% of the estimated rental fee (minimum $500.00).
Note: The Reservation Deposit will only be charged to your credit card after we have spoken and if your desired booking dates are available or an alternate booking date can be arranged.  Prices in Canadian Dollars (CDN $).

*Please circle a payment type:        VISA,      or       MasterCard, 
*Credit Card Number: ______________________ *Expiry Date: _______
*Name on Card: (Please print clearly)   _______________________

I hereby authorize M&E RV Rentals to charge the credit card above for 30% of the estimated rental fee (minimum $500.00) for the rental described above. 

Furthermore, I understand that there is a minimum $300.00 or 10% fee if the rental agreement is cancelled after 14 days from the reservation date.  (0 - 14 days - "10.0% of deposit only" to cover credit card processing fees) 

Please see our complete cancellation policy under "Terms and Conditions" on our website at or ask for a copy to be emailed to you.

*Card Holder Signature: _________________ *Reservation Date _______

Thank you for considering   M&E RV Rentals    Marcel and Elena Goulet       

Please print the form below, fill it out and forward it to us